The edfn Application

edfn is a simple multiplatform application supporting EDF – the earliest deadline first method for task planning.

This application implements the bare minimum for your daily task planning and not much more. At its core, you can add tasks, finish or cancel them.

The edfn application is also a reference implementation of the edfn specification.

This program should not exist. Instead, all existing planning software should implement the edfn specification, so you can do EDF task planning within your favorite tool.


edfn is freely available at Read the README file to get started.

edfn works and is (somehow) tested on Linux and Microsoft Windows. It should also work on Apple OS X.

You need to install Tcl and Tcllib as prerequisites. On Windows I use the excelent ActiveState Tcl installer.


ednf is a web application, you interact with your task list via the web browser. The simplest way to start edfn is to run it without any commandline arguments. It will then open a new tab in your default browser and show the list of open tasks.

The "About" page inside edfn gives instructions on usage, running and configuration.


Please tell me, how using edfn works out for you. If you like edfn consider supporting me.

Author: Georg Lehner

Created: 2020-09-30 Wed 23:28