On Social Media

Your content is yours.

I'm a rather shy guy, at least on the Internet. You won't find much chatter on my Facebook, Google+ or whatever else social media platform account you can find me. That's intentional.

That comes with my job as a system administrator: confidentiality and privacy comes first! I have to handle private stuff of people and I'm trying hard to keep it private - even to me. That's not and easy task. So less to share is less to care.

On the other hand, The Internet is just the job side of my live. I use it for research, for work, for training, but not for play or conversation. I prefer meeting people face to face and sharing just what we personally decide to share in these moments. Social Media automates diffusion to anybody every time without taking care about importance or appropriateness of this specific type, quality and amount of information for that specific person. I for sure care!

People own their data - this was how it was played when I entered the realms of The Internet quite some time ago and these days the IndieWeb movement has framed this into a great slogan: Your content is yours. Things have changed since Social Media have concentrated masses into big data silos. It's alluring to get such great services, have all your friends and more people you ever would think of within the reach of one mouse click. But: your content is not yours anymore.

So what are these silo accounts of mine for? Reachability. You want to connect with me - do so with whichever silo you are most familiar - I hope we have an overlap, if not, there are all the traditional means to reach out to me too. Even walking by and knocking on my door.

Visibility? Maybe at some moment I will use one of these gadgets the IndieWeb is creating to bridge my technical blog posts to Twitter or so.

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